The Project


IMG_20190407_164025_332I am so excited that I actually scored tickets to see Bikini Kill in Los Angeles with my best friend May 2nd, that I have committed to posting about a different counter-cultural or revolutionary woman or group of women musicians every day until the show!

This project began on Facebook and Instagram, and then I was struggling with the technical limitations of both of these social media platforms. This website is dedicated to Deb Foreman, who made me realize this work was important enough to other people that I should be more serious about it, and create a forum in which it could all live together. ❤

This project as a whole is dedicated to my best friend, Ambrosia Bardos, who continues to be the strongest, most resilient, most geniously talented, most deeply inspiring, and most loving person I have ever met in my whole life. They are making this feminist punk pilgrimage to LA with me, so we can celebrate their birthday in a big way that’s worthy of them while they are still here. Like Kathleen Hanna, my best friend has Lyme’s disease, and was not diagnosed or treated for about two decades since they were most likely infected.  They are constantly fighting to stay alive and to make the world more meaningful and more representative of marginalized people while they are here. They do a lot more for the world than the vast majority of fully able-bodied people despite their constantly increasing physical limitations; fight for marginalized people of every sort, particularly sex workers; and make some of the best contemporary art I am aware of in mediums ranging from music to painting to metal work to film. They are my biggest inspiration in general, but definitely for this project. Find them in a post towards the end of the project when we convene in Los Angeles to celebrate them and their incredible fucking life–Bikini Kill and riot grrrl are both basically about nothing if not femme love, femme community, thinking your best friend is a FUCKING QUEEN, and booking shows and events and operating the spotlight for them if no one else cares about what they have to say (and yes, this is totally a reference to the scene in the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when they won’t bring the spotlight up on her in the sexist comedy club, and her super rad dyke agent the show creators refuse to acknowledge is gay, SUSIE, takes control of the situation and runs spot for her.) THIS IS FOR YOU, AMNESIA BISH! xx


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