Well, I have had a very hard time getting a very excellent Bikini Kill feature I wrote published, because apparently journalism is mostly just advertising nowadays and criticism is not allowed anymore–ESPECIALLY not criticism of Bikini Kill, who it would seem are the sacred cow of feminist music journalism, so only fluff pieces are allowed–just ask Evelyn McDonnell, who wrote three separate but entirely indistinct ones for the New York Times.

I was, however, successful in publishing a small write-up on contemporary feminist zines written by POC and trans-spectrum folx that are more relevant than all this riot grrrl and queercore nostalgia in 2019. It is in the Unofficial Channels section of the August 2019 issue of Wire. Critical reading if you’ve ever wanted to: see my writing published in the coolest music magazine in the world; see my name in print, period; enjoy my writing without Oxford commas; read my writing in British English; or witness someone finally get words that are not exactly complimentary published about Bikini Kill in 2019.

Now I am looking for a stable job, so that I can focus all of my attention on turning this blog project into a book proposal and then into a book! Jessica Seamans and Rosy Petri are illustrating. Will be back with a fancier blog domain for my ongoing musical thoughts to be titled COME AWAY WITH EMD and to house this somewhere more beautiful and ad-free as soon as I can afford to. If you want to throw ya grrrl $96 to make that happen, she would definitely appreciate it.

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