In case you are wondering when you can expect more writing and for me to make good on all my PROMISES, e.g. this book about women who have been revolutionary to musical culture and this declaration of war on the Chicago Reader, please know you can still expect these things!

I went through a three-month-long very stressful and traumatic housing crisis, which required all of my time and energy; including an illegal 30 day notice served in a very fucked up way which triggered a PTSD episode, escaping a psychotic room mate, moving (again!) in with a friend temporarily while I looked for a place, and finding a place only to have it almost burn down fairly immediately. Since then, it has required most of my time and energy to recover, to set up my new house, and to find consistent work that is not debilitating, exhausting, and deeply frustrating, so that I can organize my life and energy around these enormous tasks, have the discipline and consistency of schedule to maintain these good habits, and also re-center my own happiness and well-being in my life after years of having to betray and abandon myself constantly in order to survive, and functionally living in a constant state of crisis I do not have the SPOONS or resources to escape. The only crisis I am trying to engage with is the Crisis of Criticism, y’all.

The remnants of the fire right outside the door of my new apartment.

It’s a lot to have going on at the same time, but I feel stronger and softer and calmer and more centered than ever, over here nesting and building a foundation for my future and quietly activating my power. I should have my economic life straightened out pretty soon, and then will be working on a proper domain for my music writing, and the acquisition of the tools I need to commence writing a book, like a pretty huge filing system, a recording device for interviews, and a set of Oblique Strategies.

I am very grateful to everyone who has supported my writing or my general survival this year, and I am in every way still planning to make my presence known as an Important Critical Voice. I need a good strong foundation for the work I am embarking on, and I am very busily and excitedly working on it.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and your interest.

To undertaking the dangerous journey (Toni Morrison),



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